Our session runs for 36 weeks beginning August 28, 2017.  The Student Contract is available at the studio and under “Register>Children” above.

Placement classes for new students ages 7+ are available over the summer. Please call the studio for further information.

Children’s Classes

  • The Ballet School operates on a 36-week instructional calendar from September through May. (The weeks of Winter and Spring Recess are not included in the 36 weeks.)
  • Tuition for children’s classes is paid in nine equal monthly installments and is due by the 1st class of each month.
  • A $15 late fee is added if tuition is unpaid after the 15th. Non-payment of fees for two months or more is considered a breach of contract and may result in the student’s exclusion from class. Students may pay the year’s tuition upon registration or make payments for multiple months if they wish. No discount is given for advance payment.
  • All students must register before taking class at the Ballet School. Children’s registration is complete upon the return of a signed Student Contract and payment of the first month’s tuition plus the recital fee(s). There is no registration fee, but $50 will be charged to students who temporarily withdraw from children’s classes and return within the school year. Students who withdraw may lose their place in a class with a waiting list.
  • Students are not obligated by the Student Contract to remain enrolled for the school year, but they will be held responsible for fees indicated on the contract until written notice of withdrawal or change in enrollment is submitted to the Ballet School. Verbal notice to the teacher or voicemail messages are not sufficient. Students will be charged a full month’s tuition for the month in which they withdraw. Recital fees are refundable with written notice to the Ballet School prior to the start of Winter Recess.
  • Pre-ballet and pre-tap students should enroll according to their age as of August 31st regardless of prior dance experience. Pre-ballet registration for three-year old students closes Nov. 30th. Students who are five years old and younger and are interested in joining a class after the start of the academic year may be required to take a trial class prior to registration. Classes for children that miss the August 31 cut-off date are added to the schedule by demand in October – January. Call the studio for further information.
  • All other students are placed in the appropriate levels by Ballet School faculty. New students are requested to take a placement class before fall classes begin. Recital costume ordering requires registration of new students to close on January 30.
  • Contact your child’s teacher for appropriate make-up options. After March 1, classes are engaged in recital preparations and make-up classes must be arranged in consultation with Ballet School faculty.
  • After January 1, repeated absences may result in a dancer being removed from the recital dance at the discretion of the instructor. Recital fees will not be refunded. Notify the Ballet School promptly if a child will be unable to participate in the recital so appropriate accommodations can be arranged.
  • Students who arrive late must observe from the hall until a break between exercises, and then ask the teacher’s permission to join. Regular tardiness is unacceptable. (If a dancer is sufficiently advanced, s/he is expected to partially warm-up in the hall.)
  • Signature on the Student Contract affirms that the child is in good health, has no medical condition that would prevent him/her from taking part in class activities, and authorizes the Ballet School to seek emergency medical treatment if no family member can be reached. Any information regarding the medical history of a dancer under the age of 18, of which the parent feels the Ballet School staff should be aware, must be submitted in writing.


2017-18 Class Fees 

Classes per week1 hour1.5 hour


Recital Fees

Recital Fees 
Ballet 1-3$75
Ballet 4-Adv$80
Modern/Dance Styles$80
Tap 1-3$75
Beg Contemporary Jazz & Hip-Hop$75
Int-Adv. Contemporary Jazz$80
Tap 4-Adv$80
  • Fees are discounted for students taking multiple classes per week. Contact the Ballet School registrar for assistance with multi-class enrollment fee calculation.
  • Accelerated Training Program (ATP): Acceptance into this program enables experienced dancers (Ballet 5+, Int/Adv. Contemporary Jazz +, Tap 6+, Modern 3+) to receive a discount on fees for 5 or more classes per week. See the Ballet School registrar for an ATP application.
  • Ballet Focus: Ballet students placed in Ballet 5, 6, 7 and Advanced are eligible to apply for this program that offers an additional class per week and a discount on fees. For further information please contact your child’s teacher.
  • Boy’s Ballet Scholarship Program: Please inquire at the Ballet School for more information.



  • The Ballet School does not offer instruction on a by-the-class or by-the-week basis, except to visitors from outside the Triangle area.
  • Classes with less than five students are subject to cancellation.
  • Full refunds are given only for registrations cancelled prior to the start of a session or for classes cancelled by the school.
  • The Ballet School accepts personal checks, cash or credit (Master Card, Visa & Discover) and Master Card/Visa debit cards. For security purposes, credit card information may not be given over the phone. Payments may be delivered to the school during business office hours or sent through the mail. The Ballet School’s returned check fee is $30.
  • Classes missed for Labor Day, Thanksgiving Holiday, and Memorial Day may be made-up, as well as any classes missed during a Ballet School closing due to inclement weather. Check your email, our website, call 942-1339 or listen to WCHL (1360 am) or News Channel 11(WTVD) for studio closing information.
  • The Ballet School is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.